Judith Ntere
Judith Ntere is the Entertainment Camera Operator for Pearl Net News. This will be her first year on staff but second as camera operator. She’s been interested in video production since sophomore year and has wanted to be a part of PNN ever since. No one really knows where she’s from, however Judith enjoys re-watching her favorite films including “A Bronx Tale,” “Kill Bill Vol.1,” and “Speed.” On her free time she listens to “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or “Ye” while reading “You Had Better Make Some Noise” and watches “Forensic Files.” Her favorite part of PNN is being with her friends, who she almost always refers to them as rats or shawties. Judith hopes in ten years, to rent out the Bahamas for her mama's birthday, own a Alaskan Klee Kai Xolo mix and Siberian Husky as well as taking her family on a world tour.

Judith Ntere, Entertainment Camera Operator

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