Future Farmers Fighting For Agriculture

By William Reeves and Jonah Edelstein


The Future Farmers of America (FFA) have come to Anaheim, California to attend an annual convention held at the Anaheim Convention Center on April 26. The convention is designed to give members of the FFA opportunities to help their personal growth, leadership skills as well as career success through hands on processes. Members sit in on workshops and tours which offer them ways to explore themselves and expand their horizons.

Groups of FFA members line up to try unique food trucks outside of the Anaheim Convention center after attending a tour. – Photo taken by William Reeves

The workshops at the convention consist of a number of presentations that focus on personal growth and effectiveness. There are some that concentrate on easing mental stress like “College is Sweet,” which centralizes on providing tips and tricks on being successful in college. There are also tours that allow members of the FFA to explore more agriculture and environmental related careers that one may want to pursue such as animal systems or biotechnology systems. The FFA wants the public to remember that agriculture is a large part of our society and world. They also want to encourage kids to continue to pursue careers in the field of agriculture, even if a farmer isn’t the first thing people think of when they hear “Businessman.”

Groups of FFA members and students make their way to a leadership workshop in the Anaheim convention center. – Photo taken by William Reeves

One of the main goals of the FFA is to educate the world about agriculture and how important it is both now and to the future. When it was first brought up in in 1917, it served a purpose to educate the American people on how to be able to provide them and their families a good, happy and healthy life. Now, the program has expanded to more than just agriculture. It’s evolved to helping students who want to become teachers, doctors, scientists and business owners, while also still educating and integrating agriculture into the modern world. It has since evolved to help people become individuals who can make a difference. More information about the FFA and their mission can be found at https://www.ffa.org/.