2017-2018 Staff

Eduardo Garcia

News Director

Eduardo Garcia is currently the News Director for the 2017-2018 school year. His role is to help get things organized, check in with the staff, and lead the organization. He enjoys reading personal development books, eating healthy,...

Harmony Sanchez

Executive Producer - Entertainment

Harmony has been on staff since the last school year. Her first news story was covering the 2017 Get Lit competition. After that she became inspired to explore the world of broadcast news. Now her goal is to push boundaries and...

Kevin Garcia

Executive Producer - News

Kevin Garcia is the executive producer for news in The Pearl Net News. His job is basically making sure that the news segment stays perfect and on time for the show. He is also responsible for any errors that happen on the news...

Nikita Opel

Executive Producer - Features

Nikita Opel has been a part of the PNN staff for almost two years editing, anchoring, and producing various multimedia projects. This semester she hopes to inspire her fellow students to work harder and immerse themselves in the...

Alishon Raymundo

Executive Producer - Social Media

Alishon has been on staff for a little over a semester and she has the privilege of calling herself the Social Media Executive Producer. She hopes to make the show something everyone will appreciate. Her goals are to become more...

Nicolas Cowles

Senior Video Editor

Nick Cowles is the Senior Video Editor of the Pearl Net News staff. Generally, he manages and supervises the other editors and their work. He can turn away footage and certain edits - like interviews - if he feels it needs to...

Angie Gonzalez

Social Media Editor

Angie is social media editor/ photographer she’s has been interested in PNN since the start of her junior year. She is hardworking and dedicated when she needs to get things done. She joined in the beginning of her senior year....

Maksim Lisov

Senior Producer

Maksim been on staff for about 1 year as a camera operator. He hopes to get better at filming and always be there when needed to film an event. His current goal is to graduate high school and go to a 4 year college. His interests...

Matthew Muñoz

Associate Producer

Matthew is an associate producer for Pearl Net News. He has done two interviews and shot video for teachers. He is currently working on a Public Service Announcement for suicide awareness. He has taken some photos for anime and...

Cristian E Martínez Sepulveda

Video Editor

Cristian E Martinez Sepulveda has been with PNN for a semester.He is a student editor and set up crew for filming. He also helps producers film their segments. What he hopes to accomplish this semester is get more shows out on...

Thomas Short

Video Editor

Shayn Gaft

News Anchor

Taylor Price

News Anchor

Taylor Price has been an anchor on the PNN Team for about 5 months. This semester, he would like to shoot a few more live shows. A couple goals of his are to get a degree (he's not quite sure what major yet), get a salary of at...

Sandra Ortega

Music Anchor

Dean Khazanov

Entertainment Anchor

Genevieve Avalos

Tech Anchor

Genevieve Avalos is a lead anchor for PNN. She has been on the PNN staff for 1 year. She does entertainment anchoring and features. Genevieve wants to be able to read a script without sounding so monotone all the time and actually...

Alberto Serrano

Sports Anchor

Nixia Bravo


Deborah Zuleta

Camera Director

Erick Rebolledo

Studio "A" Camera Operator

Gabriel Valenzuela

Studio "B" Camera Operator

Esmeralda Nuila

Website Manager/ Media Producer

Mabel Aceves

Website Co-Manager/ Science Correspondent

Mabel Aceves Lopez has been on staff for a year and is the PNN Science Correspondent. She also co manages the website and has experience with filming. She hopes to move on to technical work in her studies and will major in Mecha...

Kamryne Blake

Website Editor

Quiser Nasir

Senior Producer

Nathan Kangavary

Senior Producer

Ana Gonzalez

Field Reporter

Mark Middlebrook

Media Advisor

Enrie Amezcua

Media Advisor