2018-2019 Staff

Alishon Raymundo

News Director

 Alishon likes to hang out with her friends during her free time. She likes to read and go outdoors.She is the News Director for PNN this year. She's been on staff for two years and has enjoyed helping improve the broadcastin...

Adrian Contreras

Executive Producer

Adrian Contreras is the Executive Producer for news. He oversees the entire filming process for news and is responsible for assigning stories, footage, and photos with the help of his assistant, Gael Lopez. When he isn’t wor...

Gael Lopez

Senior Producer

Gael Lopez is the Senior Producer of news on staff for PNN. This is Gael’s second year of video production. He is in charge of editing the scripts and making sure everything abides the deadline. He enjoys going out to eat and ...

Margo Hernandez-Mejia

Website Manager

Marjorie Hernandes loves Pink Floyd - they're her favorite band! She also has a Comedic Boy-Toy named John Mulaney. Once upon a time, she was about a foot away from Bo Burnham. She can only imagine the fame she would have gained...

David Mallari

Camera Director

David Mallari is the Camera Director at PNN. He deals with the set lighting and camera quality for the news department. He enjoys playing video games for hours on end but he also really enjoys doing math. He binges sitcom shows su...

Rami Chaar

Camera Operator

Rami Chaar is a junior and holds the position of Camera Operator in PNN. He is really dedicated to his work and really enjoys filming for the show. He shows deep interest in the cinematic arts and being a part of PNN is his way...

Lucy Espitia

Camera Operator

Senior and first time staff member for PNN, Lucy Espitia works as a Camera Operator. She chose to be in PNN because it looked like it would be a great working environment to learn new things. Lucy is a very kind and friendly per...

Clarissa Jimenez

News Anchor

Clarissa Jimenez is a senior and first year staff member on PNN. She is a News Anchor/photographer. When she isn't re-reading lines or taking pictures of school events, she watches too many makeup tutorials, obsesses over her Z...

Grantas Jadzevicius

Entertainment Anchor

Grantas Jadzevicius is the Entertainment Anchor at PNN. Born in former Soviet Union country Lithuania, Grantas has grown to hate communism. He enjoys typical nerd stuff like comic books and video games. Grantas spends his free...

Ariel Shany

On-Site Reporter

Ariel Shany is a senior and first time staff member on PNN. He is an on-site reporter. When he isn't finding the next story he enjoys painting and drawing with watercolors, and likes listening to artists like Flume, Bob Marley,...

Judith Ntere

Entertainment Camera Operator

Judith Ntere is the Entertainment Camera Operator for Pearl Net News. This will be her first year on staff but second as camera operator. She’s been interested in video production since sophomore year and has wanted to be a par...

Will Reeves

Senior Editor

William Reeves is the Senior Editor on staff for PNN. Will has been working with a mix of editing programs for while now, but he hopes to improve his skills as a media editor while he continues to gain more experience. On his...

Remington De Leon


Remy De Leon is an editor at PNN. He edits various clips of the show. He also has a dog named Picasso that he occasionally takes pictures of. Amateur photographer.

Jonah Edelstein

Video Editor

Jonah Edelstein is a video editor for Pearl Net News. This is his first year working on the PNN show, but has had previous experience in video making and editing during his private time and in his Video Production class last yea...

Thomas Short

Video Editor

Emely Felix

Social Media Editor

Emely Felix is one of the social media editors for Pearl Net News. This is her first year on staff and she is excited to make it a good one. She enjoys listening to music from pop punk bands to K-pop groups. Some of her favor...

Brayan Herrera

Studio Camera Operator

Brayan Herrera is a Studio Camera Operator for PNN and broadcast photographer/videographer. He is also the bassist for the school band. Herrera enjoys watching action and comedy movies. He is learning electric and acoustic guitar. B...

Mark Middlebrook

Media Advisor

Quiser Nasir

Assistant News Director

My name is Quiser Nasir and I'm the current News Director of PNN, I have been on staff since last year as a Senior producer I've worked as an inside man with my team in a Video production class doing PNN Work. I led a team th...