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Pearl Net News


Pearl Net News broadcast and website are an open forum for student expression, as allowed by California Education Codes 48907 (California Student Free Expression Law and a counter to Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier) and 48950, committed to excellence in reporting, writing and photography. The news broadcasts are released on a regular basis by students in the Video Production Theory and Practicum class. 

Our Mission

Pearl Net News’ mission is to create high-quality content to inform and educate the students of our school and the surrounding community with anything and everything that affect the normal flow of their daily lives. Our job is to seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent. 

Diversity Statement

As a student-run publication, we strive to represent our diverse student body in everything we do. We strive for diversity in our sources, staff members, editors and reported topics. We will not favor any source over others and we ensure that we represent students of all different ethnic backgrounds, grade levels, gender identities and sexual orientations. We show respect to our entire student body and any hate toward any group will not be tolerated. 


If any current student, teacher, or faculty member dies over the course of the school year (if an adult staff member dies during summer break, it will be covered on return in August) it will be covered as a news story with no more than 250 words. It will include factual information (date of birth and death, hobbies, participation in organizations, interests, etc.) and the most recent yearbook photo if possible. Pearl Net News does not need to obtain permission from the deceased family before running the story. When possible, we will seek an interview with the family of the deceased.


If a student or faculty member commits a criminal act that is newsworthy, it may be published provided it is reported on appropriately. IF A PERSON IS ARRESTED, WE WILL UTILIZE POLICE REPORTS OR ANY ADDITIONAL COURT DOCUMENTS AS SOURCES. Names of underage students who are charged with crimes will not be published unless they are charged as adults.

Anonymous Sources

Anonymous sources may only be used if protecting a person or victim’s privacy. For example, an undocumented person may be used as an anonymous source in an article pertaining to the subject. In most cases, this will only happen in the news section or in a special report. 


Segments will not be shown to anyone outside the student staff before posting. Interviewed people do not have a right to watch their segment before posting.



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